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Mashhad is metropolis in the northeast of Iran and is the center of Khorassan Razavi Province. This city was capital of Iran at the time of Afsharian. After Tehran, Mashhad is the second largest city of Iran.


This city's climate is variable, but temperate and tending to cool and dry. Its summer is hot and dry and winter is cool and wet.

 More than 93% of people in Mashhad speak Persian language. Mashhad is the biggest religious city in the world. This city was selected as the cultural capital of the Islamic world in 2017.

 Souvenirs of Mashhad include saffron, barberry, hard candy, nuts, dried fruits and leather (as decoration) and also carpet.

 Other important agricultural products of Mashhad are cereals, sugar beets, and kinds of melons.

 Some industries in Mashhad are food industry, apparel industry, leather industry, construction materials production industry, metal industry and handicrafts of which 40% of the city's industries belongs to food industry, metal industry and handicrafts. 

Mashhad hosted more than 13,000,000 passengers only in summer 2010.

Statistics show that being Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Mashhad has caused many travelers and tourists travel to this city.


For going from Javad Al Aemeh Hospital to Imam Reza Holy Shrine, the esteemed passengers must get on subway train in Honarestan station, go to Basij Sq. and then get on any buses there to go easily to the Holy Shrine.


Subway (Urban Public Train):

The route one of subway was operated in Mashhad on February 21, 2011. So Mashhad is the second city in Iran which has urban rail transportation network. At present, Mashhad is the only city in Iran that uses LRT (light rail transit) system for urban public transportation.


Route one of Mashhad subway (urban train) goes from south to northwest of the city in less than 50 minutes. It should noted that about 100,000 people are transited daily by this line. At the beginning the time for boarding passengers was every 20 minutes but at present this time has been reduced to 8 minutes. Also at the beginning of the operation, the one-way tickets cost Rls. 5000 (five hundred toomans). At present, the ticket is provided by the passengers only by credit card (Mancard).


It is estimated that Mashhad needs to 5 urban train routes.

Route 1 of LRT has a length of 26 km, from Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport to Vakilabad region.


The rout one begins from Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport to the end of Vakilabad Blvd. and measures 25 km in length. The construction operations of this line related to (Nakhrisi to Vakilabad, 19 km in length) started in December 2000, 10.5 km of its rail is underground and 8.5 km in on the ground. This route reaches to route 2 in Taghiabad Sq. (Shariati Station).


Route 2: 14 km in length, from the end part of North Tabarsi to Fazlebne Shazan Sq.


Route 3: About 24 km in length, from Shahrak Abouzar to Ghasemabad


Route 4: 14 km in length, from Shahrak Shaid Rajaee to Khajerabi


Route 5: 47 km in length, is monorail, connecting the said four routes in Mashhad ring road.


In Mashhad subway plan, development and expanding the subway railroad to new towns such as Golbahar and Binalood is predicted and approved.


At present phase 1 of the subway has been operated.




Mashhad has international airport called Shahid Hasheminejad International Airport. This airport has domestic and international flights.


Mashhad Consulates:

Turkish Consulate: open

Kazakhstan Consulate: Open

Kyrgyzstan: Open                          

Turkmenistan: Open

Pakistan: Open

Afghanistan: Open

Iraq: Open

Saudi Arabia: Open

Shopping Centers:

As Mashhad is a tourist city, it has a lot of bazaars, shopping centers and commercial complexes, and several new bazaars are being constructed and established. 



Subway routes                  Bus routes 





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