Diplomat Department 


Hospital management decided to put on agenda the healthy tourism sector , followed by the diplomat sector to improve the quality of hospital in admission and stay in a more comfortable way . Health tourism sector consists of 6 rooms equipped with full monitoring for close patient monitoring and complete welfare and communication facilities.

IPD sector services to foreign patients:

Coordination with admission to hospitalize , coordination with the IPD doctor for the first visit and determining the physician acceptance, coordination with the discharge to the estimate the cost of treatment , coordination with the facilitator companies to provide faster and more quality services and admitted patients through the International Department, servicing outside the bounds of normal turns with no need for patients physical reference

Getting plane tickets

Welcome at the airport and transfer to hotel stay

Booking of proper hotels with varying quality appropriate to the patient’s budget

Introducing the recreational and historic centers to visit

Coordination of the consultant with the relevant specialist to start the treatment steps

Food variety at every meal and a choice of menus

And diet according to the patients


Are of other services of IPD to foreign patients


The Facilities in Diplomat ward of Javadalaemeh Hospital




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