Treatment Advantages in this Center





Having 200 beds, 20 specialized fellowship 9 subspecialists, 42 specialists and 11 general practitioners, and using state-of-the-art equipment, Java Al Aemeh Heart Hospital is one of the unique centers in the Middle East.


Our big family in Javad Al Aemeh Hearth Hospital includes 518 members and on average with the cooperative of these members about 10961 patients are hospitalized every year, 1153 surgery are performed, 57 EPS, 68 ablations and 5777 angiography are performed at this Center. Furthermore, this center is proud to welcome 118 foreign patients per year.



Given the referring foreign patients to the hospital, management of the hospital decided to open the Health Tourism Office for admission and more comfortable residence of the said patients and after that opened and inaugurated the dedicated diplomat section with a special design in 2015. By opening this section the foreign patients can connect with this center and benefit from the center facilities with proper price. Hope that this effort is effective and patients regain their health in a peaceful space and advanced facilities.     






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