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Date Posted: پنجشنبه 7 مرداد 1395
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Persian Health Tourism 2016

Three-day conference and exhibition of healthy tourism 


Persian Health Tourism 2016

Three-day conference and exhibition of healthy tourism in Holy Mashhad were held on July 15, 2016 in which hospitals and active companies with regards to healthy tourism were participating.

Javad Al-Aeme charity specialty hospital of cardiology, Mashhad, had active presence in the exhibition in the stand no. 20 with 18 m2 area from where it distributed introductory booklet of all units and hospital services after very beautiful preparation and granted some awards with the purpose of presenting some explanations to visitors about the goals of the hospital with regards to healthy tourism.

It should be noted that Razavy, Mehr, Bent Al-Hoda  and Gheam hospitals had also their own stand in this exhibition. In addition, the Cultural, Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, medical equipment companies and companies active in healthy tourism were also participating in this exhibition.

Hundreds of visitors visited this stand and the most important ones are as follows:

1.      Mr. Mashallah Daneshi Nia- CEO of the hospital

2.      Mr. Mahmud Daneshi Nia- deputy CEO of the hospital

3.      Dr. Muhammadi- head of the hospital


4.Mr. Rashidian- governor general of Khorasan Razavi Province

5. Dr. Eliasiri- science deputy minister of Iraq

6.Dr. Mehmet Dughan- Consulate General of Turkey in Iran 

7 . Mr. Meshkini- deputy general manager of supervising health ministry accreditation

8 . Deputy of Foreign Affairs Ministry- representative of north and east of the country

9 . Director general of Mashhad terminals

10 . Dr. Modaghegh- president of Medical University of Mashhad

11 . Dr. Hemmati- therapy deputy of Social Security Organization

12 . Dr. Khodaee- member of donors community of Mashhad Medical University

13 . Dr.Khayyami- responsible of healthy tourism section of Mashhad Medical University

14 . Mr. Akhlaghipoor- counselor of health minister in hospital hoteling

15 . Health center expert of Khorasan Razavi Province  

16 . Chief of  nuclear medicine of Mashhad Medical University

17 . Director general of nursing in the province

18 . Director general of supervising tourism, therapy deputy of Ardebil Medical University

19 . Deputy of supervising medical universities accreditation in different provinces (Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Semnan, Hamadan, etc.)

20 . IPD heads and expert of medical universities in different provinces (Tehran, Isfahan, Zahedan, Torbat Heydarie, Shiraz, Semnan, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Ardebil, etc.)

21 . Companies active in the context of healthy tourism from all over the country (Iran)

22 . Dr. Haghi- member of physician's association


Members of executive team in this exhibition:

1. Amir Hussein Daneshi Nia

2. Ali Rastegar Moghadam

3. Narges Atefi

4. Mabood Baghbani

5. Elias Azimi


 Also, experts of medical universities from all over the country visited our department of international patients on Wednesday, July 13, which were satisfied with the trend and their experiences were utilized to update and also create international section of our hospitals in provinces and they were guests of experts of Java Al-Aeme Hospital for dinner.




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