Accounting unit of Javad Al-Aemeh Heart Charity Hospital was founded from the beginning of erection of the building. Since October 6, 2000 when it has been put into operation, double accounting system in compliance with all rules and regulations and principles of accounting has been developed and become operational.

Accounting system of the hospital includes the following units. The following is a summary of them:

1.      Receipt and payment unit and treasury fund of the hospital;

2.      Accounting documents auditing unit;

3.      Employee's salary and wage unit;

4.      Bookkeeping, account assessment, documents making, and legal books registration unit;

5.      Warehouse and properties accounting and warehouse management system development unit;

6.      Admission and discharge of inpatients and outpatients unit;

7.      Medical records unit.

·        Naji Data Processing Company's comprehensive windows-based system of financial and accounting software with Delphi programming language and web-based Sol Server database has been developed and implemented and supported.

·        Developing and running HIS (hospital information system) and using more than 60 stations in different units of the hospital.


The employees of the Accounting Unit are 23 persons who serve in the different units as mentioned above.


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