Since the reception is the first step taken for admission of patients to the hospital, it is called so. In summary, the reception unit does its duty as the messaging system of the health center. The policies made by the reception unit should be clear and understandable, that may cover its different activities. This should be accompanied by compliance with patients’ rights and establishment of good relationship between the hospital and client. Obtaining letter of consent from patients for the procedure of treatment and surgery is made in this unit. In addition, the reception unit must abide by confidentiality rights and keep the patients’ information secret.

This unit has the honor of serving currently patient on a 24-hour basis. Number of the personnel of this unit is 4 working in day shift, 2 in evening shift, and 2 in night shift as well.


The documents required for admission of patients to the hospital:

1.      Original national ID card of the patient;

2.      Original health insurance booklet;

3.      Two copies of the first page of the health insurance booklet;

4.      In cases where the patient is under 18 years old, presence of his/her father and/or grandfather is obligatory. Otherwise, a written certificate issued by judicial authorities is a must.


Currently, the hospital has signed contracts with such insurances as armed forces insurance, social security insurance as well as those insurers issuing complementary insurances including Iran, Atiehsazan, Hafez, Razi and Parsian insurance companies.

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