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Radiology  &   Sonogrophy 



Radiology and Ultrasonography Units of the hospital is equipped with a simple ultrasound and Samsung's Color Doppler, considered as an effective way in diagnostic imaging. This device, with all features of the commonly used Gray Scare sonography, allows checking the color of the blood and determining blood flow indices, and its major uses in hospitalized and admitted patients are assessing carotid and vertebral arteries in patients candidates for CABG, checking kidney vessels, and arterial venous examination of upper and lower extremities.


The device also has simple Loqic ultrasound device that examines the types of ultrasound including vulvovaginal, kidney and bladder, uterus and appendices, examination of superficial soft tissue and so on in patients admitted to the hospital as well as outpatient.

Benet Imaging Device: Performing graphs for patient and outpatient patients.

Moreover, imaging system is equipped with Cr device, improving the quality of the graphics. This system is effective in reducing graph repetition in the patient as well.

The radiology department is equipped with two portable devices called Dynatronic and Dongmun, used for imaging of hospitalized patients unable to move.

In this section, Dr. Rahmatallah Zarifpour works as the technical official and Ms. Mahnaz Nikdoust is the head of the department along with 5 staff members.



طراحی و اجرا پورتال و بهینه سازی (سئو) : شرکت فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات راهبر