Angiography ward


Angiography unit became operational in July 2003. With an area of 294 square meter, this unit has 8 rooms and 24 beds of which 3 beds is located at the CCU room, equipped with cardiac monitoring system. The angiography unit has had an admission capacity of 5418 patients since 2012. Angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker placement, ablation, ICD placement and those patients undergoing open heart surgery (adults and children) are admitted to the angiography unit.

For the patients admitted to this unit such measures as echocardiography, radiography, ultrasound, ETT, TEE, stress echo test, nuclear medicine and tests in coordination with the related unit are taken on demand and registered in HIS system.

During all hours of the day, medical services and actions are provided and taken for the patients and the next day, the patient is discharged as ordered by the relevant physician or remains hospitalized for taking further actions.

The angiography unit's personnel include 13 registered nurses, 6 nursing assistants, 1 secretary, and 2 servants.

This unit is located at the 3rd floor of the hospital.



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