Cardiac Care Unit (CCU.C)

CCU.C started its operation in February, 2016. This unit with surface area as 150 m2 is located in the second floor of the new building and has 9 beds, one of which is inside the isolation room.

CCU.C has modern equipment required in special sections, including central monitoring system and its accessories, central oxygen device, central suction device, 9 standard fully automatic beds with wavy mats, and other items of equipment specific to CCU.C. This unit has been designed based on the latest physical and equipment-related standards.

Patients in CCU.C are received from the Emergency Department, Cath Lab, internal wards, and if necessary, from ICU and surgery wards.

Common reasons for hospitalizing patients in CCU.C include:

Myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, acute pulmonary edema, and post PCI and post CPR under-ventilation patients


Presence of professional doctors and responsible care-takers is one of the valuable advantages of CCU.C. Medical staffs of this section include:

Chief nurse                   1 woman, Ms. Jamileh Forouzfar

Nursing master             2 people

Nurse specialist            11 people

Secretary                       1 person

Assistant nurse              6 people


Crew                              1 person

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