The emergency unit of the hospital is one of the most crowded and busiest medical centers with the most clients. This unit faces hordes of outpatients who choose for different reasons the emergency unit for their treatment. On the other hand, this unit is responsible for stabilizing vital signs of the patients to be ready for being admitted to the other units.

The emergency unit of Javad Al-Aemeh Heart Charity Hospital was opened in October 2000. This unit measures 294 square meters and has 11 beds. All of the beds are equipped with bedside. The monitors installed beside each bed are able to record at any moment vital signs of the patient including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and heart's electrical function. Meanwhile, beside each bed there are such equipment as central oxygen supply, central suction and nurse call system.

A resident physician is always present in the emergency unit and specialists serve those patients coming to the emergency unit on an on-call basis.

Medical staff of this unit is of the most experienced individuals who provide medical services of high quality as soon as possible to the patients during the whole days of the week on a 24-hour basis.

In this unit some decisions have been taken to the effect that if necessary, the patient is admitted for the purpose of angiography even undergoing emergency heart surgery.

Medical staff of this unit includes physicians, 27 registered nurses, 7 nursing assistants, 1 secretary, and 1 watchman.

Daily about 140 persons come to the emergency triage, whose problems are removed through reference, transfer, admission and discharge.

In CPR room of the emergency unit of Javad Al-Aemeh Heart Charity Hospital, there are all required equipment including AutoPulse, and where necessary, provisional pacemakers which are implanted by the specialist, if the patient needs.

In addition, the emergency unit has two ambulances equipped with full CPR facilities each.

This unit is located on the ground floor of the hospital.


The unit personnel's endeavor to observe labor discipline and create a stress-free environment as well as the availability of different facilities all offer the highest comfort to the patients and those coming to the hospital.

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