ICU.A unit is located on an area of 350 square meters on the first floor of the hospital, adjacent to the heart operating room, and has 8 active beds and one isolation room.

The unit for each patient measures 12 square meters, equipped with electric beds, raging mattresses, full monitoring system, artificial respiration system (ventilator), pump syringe, CRRT (continuous renal replacement therapy) beside each bed and other standard equipment needed.

Daily on average 6 patients are admitted to the ICU after heart surgery. All patients are examined on a daily basis by both a resident anesthesiologist and the head of this unit. Should the patient be in good condition, they are transferred to ICU.B or surgery ward at the surgeon's discretion after 24 to 48 hours.

Those patients admitted to this unit are divided into three main groups in terms of surgery type:

1.      Coronary artery disease (CABG)

2.      Heart valve diseases (replacement and repair of heart valves)

3.      A range of congenital heart diseases in infants and children

In this unit, advanced health and care services suitable for age of the patient and surgery type of the highest quality are rendered by the most skilled and most experienced registered nurses.

High satisfaction of the patients and very low rate of complications after  the hospitalization and death rate, comparable with the best health centers of the country indicate the high level care in this unit.

The head of this unit and heart surgeons are among the well-known physicians in the area of heart surgery.

The medical staff of the ICU.A unit consists of the following persons:

3 subspecialists in cardiovascular surgery, 2 cardiac anesthesia fellowships and that of intensive cares; 5 anesthesiologists, 22 registered nurses, 7 nursing assistants, 1 secretary, and 1 servant.


About 2000 patients per annum are admitted to this unit.

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