Surgery II (VIP)


This department was opened in 2006. The approximate area of this department is about 330 square meters.

This department has 5 single rooms equipped with central monitoring system and peripherals for the convenience of our patients and their attendants. Annually about 480 patients are admitted to the VIP department.

This department mainly is responsible for accepting patients after open heart surgery, who after the course of the diseases and making relative recovery from the operation, are transferred from ICU to this department.

The patients are daily examined by on-call physician and where necessary by surgeon and anesthesiologist.

VIP department is ready, if necessary, for taking care of those patients who underwent surgery and need intensive care (rather than VIP) as intermediate.

Use of trained personnel and experienced staff offers the possibility for patients to use the best nursing cares along with using full facilities of the rooms.

The VIP department's personnel include one matron, 9 registered nurses, 4 nursing assistants, one secretary and one servant.

This department is located on the first floor of the hospital.




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