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Javadalaimah (AS) hospital always benefits from expert doctors and surgeons who are skilled and experienced in the recovery of patients.

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Mashhad Jawadalaime Hospital

Treatment services to patients at the best level

On this side Masha...Danshinia, after years of honor of staying near the Holy Razavi Court and obeying and obeying the commands of God's holy place and Islamic instructions and stepping in the ways of goodness and charity and beneficence and helping fellow human beings especially the needy and the needy and The honor of serving the sick and suffering, the effort and seriousness in providing the possibility of applying ointment to their physical and mental pains in the clinic and hospital that was decorated with the blessed name of Hazrat Javadalaimah (AS) since ancient times.

Doctors, Javadalimah Hospital

The late Magfoor Haj Masha A...Danshi Nia
Specialist doctors in the hospital

Specialist doctor and advanced medical facilities

The administrative departments of this hospital include admission and discharge, statistics and medical documents, accounting and financial affairs, nursing management, accreditation and quality improvement, human resources and recruitment, information technology...

The whole complex is equipped with complete oxygen gas generating facilities and generators, with a prayer hall and subordinate warehouses, as well as a building adjacent to the hospital, which was provided to this hospital through the mayor and the then governor.

The total area of ​​this hospital is 15,000 meters and it was officially put into operation on October 17, 1379, on the birthday of Hazrat Jawadalaimeh (AS).

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Services of Javadalaima Hospital

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Equipped hospital

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Javadalaimeh Cardiovascular Specialist Hospital (AS), which was established in 1379 with the efforts of Haj Mashaullah Danshinia, intends to provide treatment services to patients at the level of the best cardiovascular centers in the country.
In this regard, knowledge-oriented, striving for excellence, dignity of patients, companions and personnel have always been among the values ​​of the hospital. This hospital has inpatient, outpatient and service departments. which is as follows:

It has an emergency department with 11 beds

Has a clinic with 6 specialized rooms

Three operating rooms each with an area of 50 meters

Intensive Care Unit ICU and CCU

Catheterism and Angiography Department

two amphitheater halls and dining hall

Patient education

To obtain information about anatomy, operation and heart diseases, as well as information related to this field, patients can enter the patient education page by clicking on this section and obtain this information from here.


A modern hospital

It has an emergency department with 11 beds, a clinic with 6 doctors' rooms, a pharmacy, echocardiography, exercise testing, radiology, Doppler ultrasound, a laboratory, two surgical departments, three operating rooms each with an area of ​​50 meters, ICU and CCU special care departments with total 32 beds and complete equipment, catheterization and angiography department and...


The patient in the hospital


specialist and doctor


room in hospital


Emergency room in Mashhad

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